The title of the book is “Crafting Cool”: A Vibrant World of T-Shirt Printing Studios.


Singapore has evolved into an international hub of unique fashion. This vibrant city-state is home to a world of Tshirt printing studios where creativity and artistry combine to make wearable artworks. Take a trip through some of Singapore’s coolest Tshirt Printing Studios, where each garment is unique and the fashion industry becomes an outlet for personal expression.

  1. Heritage Print Shop – Threads of tradition

Visit The Heritage Print Shop for a unique experience that combines tradition with modernity. This studio seamlessly combines age-old techniques of printing with modern designs. It produces T-shirts that reflect the rich culture of Singapore. The Heritage Print Shop’s garments are a reflection of Singaporean culture, from vintage patterns to intricate Peranakan motifs.

  • StreetInk Studios: Urban Chic Streetwear Haven
  • StreetInk Studios has become the destination for those who are streetwear and fashion trendsetters. In the heart of urban chaos, StreetInk Studios is a haven for street artists and graphic designers. StreetInk Studios transforms t-shirts with bold, modern designs that reflect the vibrant pulse of the urban jungle. StreetInk creates a wide range of designs, from graffiti-inspired graphics and avant-garde illustrations to a blend of street fashion.

  • GreenPrint Collective: eco-friendly elegance
  • GreenPrint Collective, a company that specializes in eco-friendly T shirt printing is one of the pioneers. Studio GreenPrint Collective goes above and beyond just aesthetics by focusing on sustainability, ethical standards and practices. GreenPrint Collective has proven that fashion and environmental awareness can go hand in hand. They use organic fabrics, water-based printing techniques, as well as eco-friendly t-shirts inks. Discover their collection, and proudly wear your values as each T-shirt makes a statement in favor of a greener future.

  • PrintCraft hub: Your DIY dreams are possible!
  • PrintCraft Hub will unleash your creative side. In this studio, you can make your own T-shirts instead of buying them. PrintCraft Hub provides DIY workshops, personalized printing and other services that empower individuals to realize their dreams. The studio is a great place to learn how to print T-shirts.


    Singapore’s Tshirt Printing Studios aren’t just shops where you can buy clothing; they also serve as artistic refuges, where individuality, fashion, and culture converge. Residents and tourists alike can wear the stories they have to tell on their sleeves. The next time that you visit Singapore, try your hand at T-shirt design and make the most of this vibrant hub for sartorial creativity.