Voodoo Magic Made Simple: Symbolism in Spells and Dolls

Voodoo is a complex and confusing religion. The magic behind it is simple. Once you know that representation and symbolism are the two most important factors when casting spells of magic it’s easy. Beginning with a simple love spell, you can identify your names from both individuals and write them down on an ecru piece of paper. Write in red ink the names, then draw circles around the names, and then make the piece of paper into a heart-shaped shape. After that, fold it in half and write names of people touching one another. Then, you can burn this paper with burning a candle in pink. Then, take the ashes and place them into a small container. Include rose petals and daminan. Close the box and place it in the backyard of the person who wishes to cast to cast a spell on love. It is very simple, extremely simple, yet powerful. This spell is built almost entirely on symbolism. Once you know this, you can make spells that you can create your own. We begin by writing the names of two people. Then, you write them with red ink as red is among the colors that symbolize love. Then create a circular outline around your names. This symbolises the two individuals having a bond and being isolated from any influences from anyone else. Cut the paper into a heart which is a symbol of love. The paper is folded in half, and then have names that touch. This symbolizes bringing people closer. Burning the paper you create a situation that is impossible to change. Therefore, you’ve burned the paper with name touching. This indicates that the two people are in a relationship and can’t be separated. The ashes are mixed by mixing rose petals the rose as a symbol of love, as well as damiana, which is a herb that is used to create love magic Then, you seal the objects in a container and place it in a crypt. This is merely setting the spell again, and it is impossible to break. Sometimes, the simplest spells can be the most effective. They don’t need to be complicated or fancy to perform.

The same principle can be applied to any type of magic spell. Make a spell that draws money, for example. Begin with a dollar note. Write your name on it in small font. Rub any money drawing oil on the area the area where you have your signature. Oil for drawing money is available through nearly any magic shop or occult store. Then, grab small pieces of green newspaper and draw your initials on the middle in green ink. Draw five dollar symbols around your name and then create an arc around the circle. If you are performing magic, it is always best to make use of odd numbers, hence those five dollar symbols. Draw large circles around your name and include the dollar signs. The money is then sealed with you to ensure that you won’t “lose” the money. Then, take the dollar bill and lay it flat, with your signature facing upwards. Next, take the green piece of paper and put it on the top of the dollar bill. Then, take the green feather and place it on the top of the piece. Take all of the items and fold in half. Fold them in half until they’re compact enough to fit into the green bag of gris-gris. A bag of gris-gris that is empty could be bought from a magical or occult shop for affordable prices. Make sure it’s green in order to represent money. You can also make your own bag from green cloth. Make sure the bag is sealed to ensure that no one can get inside or out and you can carry it around to draw attention to cash. It can be put in a wallet , purse, or inside your pocket. Again, an simple spell, yet powerful.

The concept of symbolism can be utilized regardless of the kind of magic you’re working. For instance, the voodoo doll. Imagine that you wish to create one in order to cause someone to feel loving feelings for you. You can buy dolls that are blank or you can create one by yourself. If you make one from scratch, you can fill him with Spanish mounds and a blend of herbs which relate to power and love. For example, damiana, orris root, mugwart and lavender make a wonderful combination. When you add them to the Spanish Moss, this provides you with five different stuffings. Pay attention to that the “odd” numbers. You can now do a variety of aspects of the doll to create the desired result. Keep in mind the significance. It is possible put your personal name down on a tiny piece of paper and then put it inside the face of the doll. This way, you’ll always be in the mind of the doll. Additionally, you might like to grab a small piece of red or pink paper and cut it into a heart and then put your personal name in the heart. Sprinkle damiana over your name, and then make sure to seal it using the wax of the candle in red or pink. The doll now has a heart, with your name, and the heart of the doll is yours. Then , you can insert it into the doll or fix it to the chest’s exterior that the doll has, or which is the one you’d prefer. The goal is to create a doll that resembles the person in the best way is possible. If you’re able to make it, you could use photos of the person’s face to create your doll’s face. If you have nail clippings or hair then you can place them inside the doll. When you can access the individual’s clothing, you could use these items to create clothes for your doll. If the person has tattoos or scars, make sure to draw these onto the doll, too. Then, once you have sewn your doll shut and have placed everything that you wish to, the final step is to tie the doll to you. It can be done using or a portion or all of you hair(if your hair is why hire digital consultants that is long enough) or with a piece clothing or jewelry. If you plan to use your hair which is most effective option, you choose a small portion of your hair and tie it. Once it’s braided and tied, you then tie it on the doll. If hair has enough length, you can wrap it around the legs, arms and the body that the doll is wearing. This signifies that you are in full control over this individual. It is also possible to use necklaces. Make the same arrangement then wrap the necklace around your doll or a ring attached to the end of a ribbon could be utilized. Be sure to ensure that when you wear jewelry, it has to be something you wear regularly and is of an important personal significance for you. It is the same when you wear an item of clothing.